Are you scared to bare the real you? 
Strip down to your unique awesomeness.

It's Time!

  • Lose the Supposed-To's
  • Say YES to the life that's waiting for you
  • Show up to your unique potential
  • Dare to color outside the lines and finally define who you really are
  • Remember how to feel alive in a way that is fully you
"It's hard to enjoy my life because I'm always afraid I'm doing it wrong."

"I spend so much time trying to be who I'm 'supposed' to be that I can't remember who I really am."

"I spend so much time worrying about everyone else that I forget to even think about myself and what I want."

I hear you, home slice. Let's strip those layers off together!

The Naked Self Workshop is not about actually taking your clothes off (unless you want it to be). It's about stripping off the layers that are in the way of you being your real self. That person is still in there, even if it's been awhile. This is your chance to tap into parts of yourself you've hidden away or forgotten. You know the parts I'm talking about, the ones you left behind when you started 'adult-ing'. They're juicy and broken, raw and vulnerable; and they're the most beautiful, naked and alive parts of you.

In The Naked Self Workshop you'll tap into your free, powerful, curious, resilient self and learn how to integrate it into your daily life. Tap back into the rush of life, and what a real smile feels like - one that comes from a deep place within and stretches so strongly to every cell of your body that others are infected with your energy and radiance. 

When you're expressing your full self, all areas of your life have more clarity, joy and purpose. It's time to remember the beautiful, fascinating person you've been hiding!
Wouldn't it feel amazing to sport your 'birthday suit'? To live in the raw?
You could finally uncover that beautiful smile of yours (Not to mention all the other great parts)!

Are you ready to strip down to your REAL NAKED SELF? 

Yes, it's scary. Yes, it's risky.
But I'm guessing you've hidden your awesomeness long enough and you're ready to shake some sh*t up in order to finally feel alive again.

You have magic inside you.
It's time to show up for that powerful, fierce, shining person you were always meant to be.


See what has been holding you back and finally get insight about how to move forward as your true self. 


Remember your unique fire.
Find freedom in expressing yourself and making decisions.


Create the life you want to live. 
Bring your whole, beautiful self to make your dreams come true.

"Mandy deeply resonated with that part of myself that's not sure if it's really OK to be me. Her classes are a powerful experience and you won't leave quite the same." 
-Michael F.

Course Details

  • Live group Zoom calls
         2x / week for 4 weeks beginning April 7th           
         (Sundays 12pm, 90 min + Thursdays 12pm, 60 min)
  • Weekly worksheets to deepen + integrate the content (approximately 40 min per week)
  • Recordings of calls will be available after all sessions
  • Paired up with an accountability buddy to support your warrior self as you shed your layers and stand tall in your awesome self.
  • $287 60% Discount
    $114 Introductory Pricing!
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Let's get real.

Your Naked Mistress
Mandy has been referred to as "the colorful sheep" in the family; an onion-peeler and super-nerd who believes that Einstein teaches us as much as Harry Potter.
As an Ontological Explorer and Interior Designer, she speaks, coaches and leads workshops on how to design all interiors: life, home and reality with the power of perspective.
Lover of Brain Food. Glimpser of Infinity. Journeyer of Curiosity.
Make sure to check out her TED talk on Visual Mantra.

Each week has 3 parts: 

  • Session: Group call covering content for the week
  • Worksheet: Complete before Discussion to integrate content
  • Discussion: Group discussion of insights, thoughts and takeaways from the week

Week 1: Wanting it All

Do you ever look at how amazing other people are and feel about 2 inches tall in comparison? 

  • Transform jealousy into a superpower
  • Identify your own fabulous qualities
  • Learn to Appreciate and celebrate your unique magic

Week 2: Showing Off vs. Showing Up

Does shining at your full strength feel like showing off? 

  • The essential difference between showing off and showing up
  • Why it's imperative to show up in the world
  • 4 parts to successfully showing up

Week 3: How No = Freedom

Does saying 'NO' feel selfish? Does it make you feel like a party pooper?

  • How "NO" became a dirty word
  • Finding freedom by setting boundaries
  • How boundaries actually lead to more 'YES'

Week 4: Naked in Public

Are you wondering how you go from where you are now to your 'naked', fierce self? 

  • Why you're really afraid to be 'naked'
  • Why 'ugly' isn't real
  • Embracing the beauty of imperfection
  • Tying it all together and celebrating that you did it
  • You: 'Naked', beautiful and loving it!