7 Ways to Make Every Room Happier


Want a room that fits as well as your favorite jammies?

The best rooms invite you to live exactly the way you want; they fit you like your favorite pj's, that old pair of worn-in blue jeans & your sexiest ‘little black dress’ at the same time.

15 years as a Professional Interior Designer has shown me
there's no ‘one’ right way to do design

BUT there are specific things you can focus on in your space
to make it more successful FOR YOU
I would love to share my pdf of 7 ways you can make your room happier today (and all the days after that)

How does a happier home make your life better?


A happy home means you're free be your true self -
in all your crazy glory. It can be the first step on the road to fully loving yourself.
*And can inspire impromptu dance parties and silliness.

Hiya gorgeous

A happy home makes you feel special and loved.
You blossom naturally when you feel fully seen and understood.
*And it won't complain when you leave your dirty socks on the floor. 

Slip into something a little more comfortable

A happy home nurtures and grounds you so you can kick your shoes off and really settle in.

You know you want it

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OMG, do you feel happier already?